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By signing and/or accepting this shipping contract, any local customs or privileges to the contrary notwithstanding, the shipper, consignee and the owner of the goods, and the holder of this shipping contract, agree to be bound by all the stipulations, exceptions and conditions stated herein, whether written, printed, stamped, or incorporated in/on this shipping request form, or on the front or reverse side of hereof: as fully as if they were all signed by such shipper, consignee, owner or holder hereof. No oral statement applicable in this shipping contract.

Get It Ship, operates as an NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier). As an NVOCC, we reserve the right to forward shipments to vessels operating carriers and air carriers. We also reserve the right to refuse shipment, to re-measure shipments based on weight or measurement and re-rate the price of the shipments accordingly. All shipments accepted for export must be declared and (stated in writing), the actual value and contents of shipments. If no value is declared, automatic limit will be declared by Get It Ship as $100 U.S.

Shipper must certify that contents of this shipment are properly described and contain no drugs, guns, ammunition, illegal or hazardous matter. It is the responsibility of the shipper as well as the carrier to notify the consignee to arrange for pickup of shipment in foreign ports. In case of pilferage, damage or partial loss, where adequate marine insurance was purchased, the carrier’s liability shall be determined based on the actual valuation of the item(s). Proof of purchase for new items must be presented and the extent of damage as stated by customs in foreign ports of discharge.
In the case of total loss, where adequate marine insurance was purchased, carrier will reimburse the actual cost of the item, providing that upon delivery of goods to the carrier, acceptable proof of the actual value was provided and a description of goods have been declared, in writing, by the shipper and same inserted into this contract-along with full payment of all charges unless otherwise stated herein.
Get It Ship, will not be responsible for any shipments left in our warehouse for over 14 days, unless arrangements for storage and charges are made beforehand.

DOOR-TO-DOOR: All charges must be paid prior to delivery; with custom charges paid upon delivery of merchandise, as prices vary by contents.

In the event of loss, both shipper and consignee agree to adhere to all stipulations stated in the insurance claim procedure. All damages must be reported upon inspection of goods. In the event of loss or damage, a written report must be obtained from customs in foreign port, or Ocean/Air Carrier Acting Agent in foreign ports.
Claims made after leaving customs will be denied. Non-payment for shipping of goods may result in non-shipment of goods, in which case Get It Ship., will not be responsible for any further delays, damages or any other developments arising from non-shipment. Insurance is deductible up to $100 U.S. per contract.

In the event insurance is not purchased at the time of delivery/pickup of goods to carrier, shipment will be shipped at your own risk. Get It Ship will not be responsible for any partial loss, damage, or pilfering to any item. We are only obligated for total loss, up to but not exceeding $100.00 per bill of lading. Not declaring and/or not initialing, and/or not signing, denote a denial of insurance.

CONDITIONS: In the event of total loss where no marine insurance was purchased, shipper will only be entitled to a maximum of $100.00 reimbursement; that is providing that shipper provides a written report received from customs upon inspection of goods along with pictures of damaged goods.

Get It Ship, will not be responsible for errors, misspelt words, wrong addresses or any marks or numbers which might appear on the face of this bill of lading or shipping request form when said information is given by shipper or person or persons authorizing said shipment. It is the responsibility of the shipper to furnish us with proper information and to clarify any and all errors.

Get It Ship, will not inform shipper and consignee of arrival date in order to arrange for pick-up of goods. However, it is the responsibility of the shipper and consignee to arrange for pick-up prior to the discharge date. Get It Ship, will not be responsible for shipment left for more than (3) three days after discharge from vessel in foreign ports. All shipments must be picked up within (3) three days. Unclaimed shipments will be seized by the shipping company and the proceeds put towards shipping costs. Payments must be made in full before the release of any shipment.

PACKING Goods received for shipment must conform to all shipping standards and requirements. Get It Ship will not be responsible for any negligent packing done by anyone other than Get It Ship. This also certifies that all goods packed by Get It Ship conforms to all shipping standards and requirements and is satisfactory to the shipper and/or owner of the goods. In addition, all packages must be clearly marked or labeled. Get It Ship will not be responsible for any goods received pre-packed from vendor, or for short shipments received from vendors.

Get It Ship. will not be responsible for damages which may result from overweight and/or oversized items; barrels, boxes, etc. or as a result of handling said items/packages. Any package received for shipment must be well packed while not exceeding the rated weight limit, and all proportions maintained. All items for pick-up must be placed in a convenient location, or Get It Ship will not be responsible for any damages caused during the removal to said items, apartments, hallways, lobbies, etc., due to item being overweight and/or oversized. Get It Ship will not be responsible for rot, deterioration, etc., of any package. Get It Ship has the right to refuse any and all cargo/packages if these ratings are exceeded.

Get It Ship will not be responsible for any delays of any nature that is beyond the control of Get It Ship. Liability is terminated at the time shipment is turned over or released to Ocean Carrier/Air Carrier, or the actual carrier. Our liability is limited to $100.00 USD. We will not be responsible for the loss of shipment or damage to shipment, which may result from Ocean/Air Carrier. We will not be responsible for delays in customs, customs charges, rent, or seizures in foreign ports.

Get It Ship, is an affiliated corporation of T&T Express Shipping LLC and associated companies, the authorized bearer and licensee of FMC # 91547 / 020755N.